Did traffic signal in Mumbai ‘cross the road’ in heavy rains? No, video from China viral

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri shared a video which shows a traffic signal being washed up in heavy downpour. Agnihotri claimed that the incident took place in Mumbai – “Hello Traffic Police of Mumbai, How much fine if the signal crosses the road?” The video drew combined views of over 30,000 from his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The same video has been circulated by individual users on both Facebook and Twitter. An individual user Dr Shaharyar shared it on Facebook in August. His post had over 1.2 lakh views and nearly 4,000 shares.

It was also shared last year with an identical claim.

Have you seen,
Traffic Signal itself,
crossing the road…
Mumbai Rains..

Posted by Subramaniam Swaminathan on Sunday, 10 June 2018

Video from China

A keyword search on YouTube – “traffic signal water” – threw up multiple videos from last year which said that the incident occurred in China. Chinese news network CGTN had posted a longer version of the same video on May 11, 2018. The visuals depicted in the 8-second clip currently viral can be seen in the video below from 0:13 seconds onwards.

According to CGTN, heavy rains in South China’s Yulin City swept down a temporary traffic signal on a flooded street.

Chinese alphabets visible in the video further corroborate that it was not shot in India. The lights on the signal are working since it runs on solar energy. Solar panels are visible on top of the signal.

In the midst of Mumbai witnessing heavy rainfall, Vivek Agnihotri tweeted a video from China and attempted to bring it to the notice of the city’s traffic police. Last year as well, the filmmaker had tagged the Mumbai police claiming that photoshopped screenshots of his tweets were mischievously circulated by an individual. As it turned out, Agnihotri had indeed made all the tweets but had taken them down later.

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