A video of scores of people running down elevated land has been shared claiming that these are hundreds of Indians rushing to block “illegal” Chinese construction along the border with India. Alexandre Krauss, who identifies himself as senior political advisor European parliament, tweeted the video and wrote, “No. This is not a new Brad Pitt zombie movie. These are hundreads of Indians running to block #China’s illegal constructions in the boarder with #India…”

Krauss had tweeted the video first shared by the handle @clarkkent04211. The video has over 8 lakh views.

The video has also been posted on a few Chinese groups on Facebook.


A reverse-image search of a keyframe of the video led us to the same clip uploaded on YouTube on March 27, 2020. The clip had been lifted from TikTok which explains the audio-video mismatch. The top left corner of the video carries the TikTok username ‘binhan728’.

We found that the user had uploaded the video on his profile on March 25, 2020, and several people commented that the video was from Myanmar.

The fact that the video dates back to at least March 2020 proves that it cannot represent any recent incident related to the India-China border dispute. Moreover, had such an incident taken place, it would have been reported in the media.

We also found similar videos shot in Mayanmar’s Jade mines. The media has also reported cases where “scavengers” flocked to the mines in hopes of finding the gemstone.

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