A video that shows a group of people chanting anti-India and pro-Khalistan slogans has been shared on social media. “You tell me, how can I let Congres rule my country? Khalistan terrorists reached Rahul Gandhi’s meeting in London. Slogans of Congress party zindabad and Hindustan murdabad were raised.”

The clip has been shared on Facebook as well.


कैसे सौंप दु मै काँग्रेस को अपना देश,आप ही बताओ…लंदन मे राहुल गांधी की सभा मे पहुचे खालिस्तानी आतकंवादी…काँग्रेस पार्टी जिंदाबाद और हिन्दुस्तान मुर्दाबाद नारे लगाये…👇👇 आपके पास जितने भी ग्रुप है सब मे भेजो

Posted by Nayna Patel on Friday, 20 August 2021

The same video was shared by BJP worker Priti Gandhi in 2018.

Participants or gatecrashers?

According to Naomi Canton who reports for The Times of India in the UK, the event was interrupted by four protesters who had “managed to evade heavy security to enter Rahul Gandhi’s event…”.

Speaking to TOI, Shamsher Singh, spokesperson for the National Sikh Youth Federation who had gatecrashed the event with three of his associates said, “We slipped in through a side door to the venue at 5.30 pm as the security was lax. Once inside, security asked us a few questions but we confidently walked through and said we are here for the event. We got a table and sat down.”

Moreover, television news channels have reported that slogans hailing the Congress party were chanted in response to the slogans raised by the Sikh separatists who had gatecrashed the event.

It has been observed on numerous occasions that videos and/or images are taken out of context and given misleading captions and meanings for purposes of political propaganda. This instance is no different; a disruption was sought to be portrayed as participation and advocacy of a secessionist position.

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