A video of an elderly man interacting with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is doing the rounds on social media. State President of West UP Youth Congress Omveer Yadav tweeted the video and claimed, “In Bijauli village of Meerut district, an old man stopped Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath from entering his lane and put a cot to block his way. The old man did not make way for the Chief Minister even after the latter urged him to let him enter and Yogiji had to go back”.

Adityanath can be heard saying in the video, “Take care, wear a mask”, while a crowd raises slogans in his support. We later see Adityanath walking away from the spot. At the time of writing this article, the video garnered over 4,000 retweets.

The same video has been shared by the Facebook page of Youth Congress Central UP.

Congress leader Nagma Morarji also tweeted the video with the same claim. Her tweet has garnered close to 450 retweets so far.


Meerut Police responded to Omveer Yadav’s tweet and dubbed his claim as false. The police wrote that his post is completely baseless and misleading and comes under the category of rumour-mongering. Furthermore, it is informed that the CM was inquiring about the health status of a member of a COVID-infected family in a containment zone in Meerut district’s Bijauli village. A cot has been placed at the entrance of the containment zone to block entry.

A few others responded to Yadav’s tweet and informed him that local news outlets have reported that Adityanath enquired about the health status of the old man and appealed him to wear a mask.

Dainik Jagran reported on May 17 that Adityanath had spotted the elderly man, Tara Chandra Sharma, when the CM was returning after meeting Nitin. He folded his hands and appealed to the man to wear a mask. Sharma put on a mask on the CM’s request and also chanted a slogan in his support.

BJP worker Nitin Tyagi had posted about Adityanath’s visit. He had come along with MP Rajendra Agarwal, and MLA Satyaveer Tyagi to meet Tyagi at his residence in Bijauli and inquire about his health.

Local media reported that after holding a meeting in the COVID control room at Meerut Collectorate and inspecting the same, Adityanath reached Bijauli village where he saw Tara Chandra Sharma without a mask.

Therefore, a video of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister meeting an old man infected with COVID in a containment zone in the Meerut district was shared with the false claim that his visit was protested.

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